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Creaking floor in house

The floor boards in my bathbroom and the bedroom next to it creak a lot more than the usual creaking you would normally get from loose ones. Does this impy that they are damaged in some way? If so whats the best way to get these replaced?

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Thank you for your answers JOINED JOINERY and JC Bathrooms. I am not really good at DIY things, so guess will get a local Joiner/Carpenter to take a look.

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Before just slapping screws into floor boards have a look where your pipe work is as a lot of the time it is at notched out on top of the joists and I know a few people who have driven a screw straight through there heating pipe which can seal it self and at a later date burst when on holiday as I know happened to one of my clients


Answered 3rd May 2019

If the floor boards have been put down with just hammer and nails they may have movement in them from over time. Before replacing floorboards I would recommend that they are screwed with 50mm wood screw using an impact driver which should give a tighter fixing to the joists. This should solve the creaking problem


Answered 2nd May 2019

Before any repair is done a few boards should be lifted to make sure there are no water/heating pipes and no electric cables where you need to screw . Also , if the top of the joists has been notched for pipes ( this is bad practice) then your floor maybe rubbing on the pipes .


Answered 31st May 2019

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