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I have just had some floor laid and new skirting put on I am not happy with the workmanship feel it was completely rushed and because of that I have a hallway where all the skirting between the door ways is overhanging the door frames or I think it called alcatrave it looks too big it litrally sticks out at each end by 4/5mm I think it looks like 18mm when it should of been 15mm i am sure its supposed to be flush with the door frame also the joins don't match up on some outward corners and inside corners and also on one of the bedroom wall's which is 13 feet long there is a join in the middle that completly sticks out and the carpenter just said it needed sanding!! :$ the skirting was long enough not to have any join so can't understand why that even there also it was all put on with a nail gun which some nails are sticking out? He managed to lay 57 square feet of laminate old skirting off and new on in truly under 2 days 16hrs to be exact I truly think that a desent job would of taken longer he put the skirting's on in 2 and a half hours which consisted of 26 inside and outside corners! He has an answer for everything the flooring gaps at parts as in it seems the ends of plank are not connected to other so when you walk on it it dips down to the point of at least 8mm I paid £1000 for this job I supplied all flooring and underlay he supplied the skirting I feel like I been ripped off and mugged off tbh

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hmm doesn’t sound like it was done by a professional but for that money you are well within your rights to expect to be happy at the end of it all,

As mentioned already it sounds like he didn’t put a return mitre where the skirts stick out from the arcs, if they have used mdf skirting this is 18mm in thickness and if you have timber arcs these are prob 15mm so options are to change the arcs as well to match the skirting for a better finish or if you don’t want to do that a return mitre on the skirt where they meet the arcs is another option, have seen a 35mm angle on the edge of the skirt to champher it to the arc as well but personally I would have changed the arcs to match, if your spending that much money literally a few more quid for a few arcs and a nicer finish would be my advice!! If they did use the mdf this comes in 4.2m lentgh so could have def lost that join in the long piece you mentioned, may have cut it to get in van possibly?? Def avoidable though!!Also if the floor is bouncing up to 8mm I would imagine it’s ripped the tounge off the laminate, this sounds to me like the subfloor needed attention before the laminate was installed..plying it can sort out issues or if it’s just one or 2 low spots then they can be packed to reduce the bounce but this isn’t ideal in my opinion! They Should have addressed it as it went down because that could be a nightmare to resolve now!


Answered 29th Apr 2019

I can only assume by your description that the fitter hasn’t put returns on the beading and not cut under the architraves. When a professional fits a floor it should run under the frames for 2 reasons...
1- is to make it look as the frames were fitted after
2- to allow for expansion.
If that be the case I can only assume he/she is not a floor specialist due to the finish Of the completed works.


Answered 28th Apr 2019

Sounds bad, seems to me it needs done again. Base blocks at bottom of door facings may help here. It is simply a piece of wood thicker than the skirting board and also slightly higher. It is slightly wider than the facing, the facing and the skirting butt against it. If it is too thick it can cause problems on the hinge side . This can be helped by planning a bevelled edge along face of block.


Answered 9th May 2019

I agree. If you are not happy with the work then it is your right to challenge. The issues are not simple fixes and they should have been dealt with first time instead of just working to a short time schedule.


Answered 19th May 2019

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