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Can you use a water-cooled tile cutter, to cut wood?

Can you use a water-cooled tile cutter, to cut wood (with a wood blade) & if so, do you still need the water on?

Thankyou Andyman, much appreciated :)

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Yes you can but only to cut thin wood or plywood up to about 15mm it works quite well, but you need a wood cutting blade, AND NO WATER!!!!!


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

Honestly, tools for cutting wood are really not expensive. Use a proper tool for the type of job you are doing even if it’s a £10 tenon saw or panel saw. it is easier first of all and safer. And if you think water would be good when cutting wood then I highly recommend you hire some qualified trades to help with any projects you have.


Answered 19th May 2019

You would not use a tile cutter for cutting any type of wood no matter what!
It could be quite dangerous, & i recommend you buy the correct tools.
yes a hand saw can be used but will take a lot longer. if the finish doesn't have to be exact, then a jig saw can be used, otherwise you would need someone who is a qualified trade & owns a plunge or power saw.


Answered 22nd May 2019

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