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Building a kitchen extension

I intend on building a kitchen extension at the rear of my property. My neighbour has a conservatory built which has a wall and the top part is glass. This is the side that the wall will be built for my extension, they also have built right up to the party line. Previously there was a lean to but I pulled it down as it wasn't useable. Can my neighbour contest my build for the reason i'm 'blocking his light'. This was already up when I purchased the house.

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depends on how well you get on with this neighbour ,i presume he has only top lights on this side ,so you wont really be blocking much light ,party wall agreement should be drawn up ,if he is right on the boundary line you can save money by just studding and drylining this wall instead of digging footings ect but again all depends on relations and party wall agreement


Answered 20th Feb 2012

Conservatory walls generally build on top of 600mm foundations, extensions generally build on 1000mm (both depending on ground conditions)with this in mind it is highly unlikely that the conservatory wall is suitable for your purpose. Consent would have been required for any building project up to the party line and without seeing the proposed build it is hard to advise. If you were able to utilise the foundation then you may be able to butt up to the other wall otherwise there will be a space between walls (approx 200mm)so your wall sits properly on the foundation.


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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