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Knocking through a kitchen and utility room to make one space.

We have a 1960's detached property that has had extensions added on by previous owner. We have a large square kitchen and adjoining large utility room, which we would like to find out if we can knock them through into one useable space, where we can eat together. The walls in question are solid load bearing walls i think, as it's the back of the house. We would also need plastering, flooring and a new kitchen installed. The Kitchen is 4x3m and the utility room is 4x2m. Any advice on time to complete work etc would be much appreciated - as we have never done anything like this before!

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Hi ,i would propose the knock through of the walls installing steel beam lintel onto padstones plastering and fitting new kitchen and flooring would take no longer than 2 weeks ,hope this helps


Answered 15th Apr 2019

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