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Can you have two 8.5kw showers running off one 45amp rcd controlled fuse circuit. or do you have to put a separate circuit in for each shower

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Your question is difficult to answer as some more information is required on the current set up you have installed or plan to install? In reality no its bad practice to use one shared cable and one 45amp BSEN61009 RCBO to supply two showers as if they were used simultaneously the RCBO would be overloaded and would trip out, at worst the cable could catch fire.

If you have an BSEN61008 RCD that protects several circuits at the fusebox end then provided its an 80 or 100amp RCD, this could feed two separate 40amp BSEN60898 Miniature Circuit Breakers quite safely. Each one having a separate circuit to each shower.

Remember that this work comes under part P of the builing regulations so can not be done DIY as it has to be fully tested, a certificate issued and logged with the local authority building control.

If caught out you can face a £5000 for breaching Part P of the building regulations.

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Answered 20th Feb 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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You will require two separate circuits. An 8.5Kw shower will have a 37 amp current draw and no diversity is allowed on calculations regarding a shower. You will also need RCD protection as you rightfully said and a 50 amp pullcord isolator in each installation. Hope this has been helpful.

Ed Haynes

Answered 20th Feb 2012

Edward Haynes domestic electrical installer

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