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Staircase replacement

I wanted to replace a narrow staircase in Victorian house, it’s very steep and hard to walk up and down
If I replace it, it needs to meet buildings reg, I think min width of 80/90cm. Mine is currently 70cm. How can I put a wider staircase when the landing is small?

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If you have enough room to put a staircase in to standard width ,depending on how many treads are required it might be possible for a larger landing to be constructed, if there is room to do so,however it might be worth having a discussion with building control first to find out what they are going to be happy with ,due to the nature of the property.


Answered 14th Apr 2019

I use a staircase company who designs stairs based on requirements I have fitted a staircase in the past where there was no room to make the staircase bigger instead they made the steps bigger thus reducing the amount of steps
As far as building or planning consent if Ur replacing the existing staircase that was built from original then that's how it is to be


Answered 23rd Apr 2019

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