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Dip treated vs. pressure treated shed

I want to buy a new 12ft x 8ft shed and I found a Dip Treated Shiplap shed for £632( and another one which is Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove shed for £999 ( I am wondering if pressure treatment is worth paying the extra £376?

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Pressure treated timber has a longer life as the protection gets deeper into the timber. Dip treated means its just been dipped into preservative so generally is only covered on the outside.


Answered 12th Apr 2019

Pressure treatment forces chemicals into the wood grain quickly so the protection runs much deeper and makes the timber much more durable and able to withstand the elements.

You will often come across 'tanalized wood', this is timber that is pressure treated with a popular chemical called Tanalith E.

If you are looking for a shed that you will look after, stain and treat regularly then dipped will be fine. if you want something that you can forget about in the garden, store things in and expect to still be standing strong in 10 years then PT all the way.

Pressure treatment


Answered 13th Jun 2019

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