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Replacing a frontdoor to the flat itself

Hi Everyone

Silly question warning but out front door to our flat (we own 75% of the flat) is warped so when closed there is a noticeable gap between the door and frame.

After learning we have to pay for it and not our housing association, we will begin to look into getting this replaced.

I imagine I will hire a carpenter to carry out the work, but will they purchase the door themselves and all the fire reg stuff along with fitting locks etc? IE I only have to hire one tradesmen to fit the door?


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Hi there,
Who buys the door needs to be agreed between you and the door fitter. You can ask the carpenter to buy it themselves, along with all the associated hardware - it is normal for a tradesman to add on a small percentage to the cost - after all they have to go and get the stuff, find the right bits, etc.
A good carpenter should be able to fit the door along with intumescent strips, and other associated fire reg stuff so you should just need 1 carpenter.


Answered 12th Apr 2019


I worked in Housing association and local council repairs for years and from my past experience they would require like for like door change as they are the landlords. So the carpenter you hire needs to be aware of that. Best way to go about this job is to hire competent carpenter and agree to supply and fit like for like door,locks and fire regs requirements. Hope this helps
kind regards


Answered 13th Apr 2019

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