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How much of a problem are blown/ spalled bricks?

We are looking at buying a house but are concerned that the majority of the (north facing) front of the house is suffering from blown/ spalled bricks. It's a redbrick period mid terraced property in SE London.

Firstly, is it just a cosmetic thing, or would it require immediate work to fix it and to stop the problem getting worse? Also, how feasible is it to have the majority of the front of a house fixed for this problem? How much/ how long is it likely to take? It's a two storey building approx 4-5meters wide. Obviously impossible to give accurate quote but is it more like 5k or 25k? Or more?

We've been told that part of the front of the house has had bricks 'pinned' as there has been some movement in the brickwork. Would we also be likely to need it all repointing or is this completely separate?

Any guidance or advice very much appreciated.

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old victorian properties are made from soft bricks called stocks ,which are prone to erosion due to weather and being neglected ,without seeing the extent of damage cant say for sure ,but weatherpointing and repair of these properties are expensive


Answered 20th Feb 2012

We have carried out many repairs and brick replacement's on these kind of property's. If its not structural damage then its quite straight forward. We always use traditional lime mortar because hard mortar does not weather well and can become lose and spall bricks. Also, If some bricks are not too bad they can be turned so you are keeping more of the original. If the right colour and grade of sand is used, the pointing will match in to the existing nicely. There are many approved sealers on the market now which slow the weathering process down. In this case, I would suggest you have the work done as it will get worse. Difficult to estimate a price, but by the size of the property, its nowhere near the 25k.
Hope this helps.


Answered 21st Feb 2012

Hi, my parents have had the very same problem with there house in Eltham SE London, the bricks are london reds ( also known as red rubbers ) I have just renderd there house for them. The only other option would be to rebuild
the affected area which is not very cost affective.


Answered 20th Feb 2012

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