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I have had a boiler fitted and pipe work done which was excellent work but then got a builder in who used a guy who did not communicate and speak any english he knocked the wall through to the outside flat roof my first concern was the gas pipes were buried under all the brick work and a large lump of concrete, ? then no door to block or conceal the outside plus the flue emmisons blowing back into the room, I am now left with a large doorway and no door and its not blocked up ??? I have asked them to collect their tools and am now left with this situation and have to go to work leaving the property in this state.


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Sounds like you need a new carpenter and gas safe engineer to check boiler and gas pipes and to fit a door


Answered 11th Apr 2019

If there is flue gas re-entering the property through the opening then I would strongly advise you switch the boiler off and do not use it until you have had it checked and any remedial work carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. The products of combustion within the flue gas contain carbon monoxide which in large enough quantities can kill very quickly.

Also get the gas pipe checked for soundness and damage at the same time.


Answered 11th Apr 2019

You need to call Gas Safe IMMEDIATELY and report all concerned to them. It is likely they will switch off your gas until it is rectified but that is a small price to pay your situation is perilous. The gas can cause everything to drowsiness to fatalities.


Answered 11th Apr 2019

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