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Gap in skimming work done, along door frame?

I just had some plaster /skimming work done, he has left a one inch gap in the skimm, This gap runs along the length of the door and is about inch wide. after the gap there is a wall. i.e. door is in the far right of the wall before the next wall begins.

he stated that he is unable to do this portion and I should just paint it. is this right.

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The plasterer should have plastered between - he should have a range of margin trowels. (small thin trowels)


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

Let me see if I understand what you are saying. I think you mean the following:

The plastering has been done with the architrave left on so there was only a 1 inch gap between architrave (architrave being the timber with a linear profile, alomost like a thinner section of skirting board which runs around the door frame) and the next section of wall.

The issue here is that the architrave should have been removed in order for the plasering to take place - because it is in fact impossible to get a plastering trowel in a 1 inch gap.

The problem is that the plasterer should have known and highlighted this fact. the problem then is that the job would have incurred a subsequent further cost as the architrave may not have stayed in one piece, therefore new architrave would have been needed.

Either the plasterer wasn't aware of this or failed to tell you because he was afraid that the mention of extra costs may have lost him the job.

Also one must consider that a building contractor or project manager would have ensured this problem never arose. This would have cost too much of course in the case of this small job.

Your lack of experience (which is understandable as everyone can't be exppected to know about construction) meant that you needed guiding on this. The only construction proffessional on hand was the plasterer, so really his moral responsibility was to educate you as to the result of not removing the architrave.

There are now 3 options:

1) Use a high quality filler to blend between the new and old plaster where this one inch channel begins, then paint. I would suggest that a proffessional decorator would be best suited to this task.

2) Remove the architrave and replace whith thicker architrave to close the 1 inch gap.

3) Remove the architrave and have this wall re-plastered then have new architrave fitted (unlesss the existing can be suitably re-used). Remember that new architrave next to the newly plastered wall will look much more fitting.

Good luck. Any further questions please ask.

Degan Building Services.


Answered 20th Feb 2012

very fiddly to get in ,he would have to remove architrave presumably to get his trowel in there ,old architraves have a habit of snapping maybe this is why he never did it


Answered 20th Feb 2012

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