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Skirting missing after vendor removes units

Hi I’ve patiently waited for 5 month for the vendor of the house I’ve been buying to get herducks in a row.
She has delayed whist waiting for her new build to be constructed across the world and we promised to wait for her to be fully ready to move.
4 months after accepting my offer she finally provided the fixtures/ fittings list. It states that the fully fitted bedroom units in 2 rooms, which had been shown to me as included,and was also listed as included on the house brouchure were now only available at a cost of almost £3000.
Despite my solicitor trying to get her to leave the items as part of the agreed offer, and my pleas for her to please leave them because we had waited without pressuring her. All units have now been removed because I couldnt afford to pay extra for them.
As I was already paying the full asking price for the property we demanded that the walls, ceilings and floors be made good if she did choose to remove them.

I have heard now that the skirting board is missing from the areas affected by the removal!
Am I within my rights to ask her to make good the walls by replacing the skirting, as she chose to remove the units not I and I wanted them to stay?
The skirting in both rooms was in an excellent condition on all of the other unaffected walls and it will require me hiring someone to try and match the colour and refit skirting to potentially 6 walls.
She is now pressurising me daily to complete within 2 weeks, as she’s read6 to emigrate. I on the other hand have waited for her for 5 months and I want to view the property again to see Its been left as I expect it to be before I sign my contract.
I feel like saying that the sooner the skirting is replaced the sooner I’ll sign the contract !

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I would insist it’s put right or ask for a discount of £1000 in order to finance it. You have the power to delay now but do it through your solicitor. Or bite the bullet and just accept it. Depends on your circumstances


Answered 7th Apr 2019

I agree with Jon Bateson.
In England (but not in Scotland) the offer and acceptance on the sale of a property is not a binding contract and either party can change their offer or quit the sale completely until contracts are exchanged.
Once contracts are exchanged then everything is legally binding. Until then you are perfectly entitled to change your offer and either insist that the making good is part of the contract or reduce your offer to cover the added expenditure you will have. And it is definitely best to get your solicitor to pass on any offers/demands so there is a legal record of it should it come to that.


Answered 7th Apr 2019

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