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Faulty summer house

Hi, last summer I brought a 10x8 wooden summer house with bifold doors that run along the front. I treated the summer house with a wood protection that states, lasts 4 years. However, from the moment of purchase the bifold doors have had a gap in the warmer weather to overlapping in the colder weather, so the doors can't close. Having complained that the doors are not fit for purpose, the blame has been put on the brand of wood protection we used - it wasn't cupinol! I might add the summer house was sold as treated, we just added ours, as recommended, for extra protection. I would kindly appreciate any thoughts on this, as I feel I'm being fobbed off. Are are faulty bifold doors really our fault?
Many thanks,

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Sorry to say that it is unlikely the doors are faulty.

Wood is a natural product and it WELL swell and shrink subject to weather conditions.

Sorry there is little you can do, however I have a summer house that does this and on the doors there are screw in and out hinges that allow for seasonal weather changes so have a look at yours.


Answered 5th Apr 2019

It doesn't sound right, but I always suggesting to have some kind of "roof" over the door to stop direct rain. And as it mentioned in a message above door do swell quit a lot and direct sun and rain doesn't help here at all


Answered 17th May 2019

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