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Removing and replacing skirting board

Hello, just wondering anyone could help me with an idea I have, my partner and I have recently bough a do upper, want to replace the skirting boards in most rooms as there really old and I'd prefer a more modern style * it also looks like the wall behind has started going over the skirting in some places?* I was just wondering if it's possible to remove old skirting without damaging the wall and someone replacing with new skirting? Any advice would fab, thanx

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it would be beneficial to buy a slightly bigger skirting to cover the line of the existing.
also knife along top before removal to stop damage to the walls


Answered 4th Apr 2019

Hello, to cover these walls mark it would be a good idea to get thicker and taller skirting as this will cover the damaged walls. If there is sealants over the joints use a Stanley knife to cut this up as this cause less damage to the walls.

Once the skirting is off, if there is gripfill still on the wall use a scraper and gently scrap this off, having this still on will mean the skirting won’t sit right with the wall.

Hope this helps


Answered 10th Jul 2019

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