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Multipanel boards - bathroom

I am considering adding Multipanel for my bathroom wall.

These will be attached directly onto existing plaster walls with adhesive. The plaster wall have been put up with a metal stud frame. I wanted to know if it would be possible to hang heavy mirror cabinet or radiators onto the Multipanel boards anchoring it to the plaster board behind or directly into the metal studs if it lines up?


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you will need to ensure your fixings go into the metal stud as the multipanel and plasterboard will not hold a heavy load


Answered 28th Mar 2019

personally i would fix plywood panels to the metal stud in all places where you are planning to fix items before plasterboarding especially if fixing the panelling with silicone.


Answered 29th Mar 2019

It take the plasterboard of marine ply the wall I've to the studs then reborn,any fitting later will be easy and safe,all goes on budget.


Answered 30th Mar 2019

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