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Hi I am going to build my own decking what size of holes should I dig for my posts and how many bags of postcrete per post

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Hi. If your post is 100mm then hole should be 200 to 250mm and approximately 300 to 450mm deep. Use one bag of postcrete per post (follow the instructions on the bag).


Answered 26th Mar 2019

When you put post Crete in make sure you slope it away from posts. This will deter the water to run away from posts to stop them from rotting giving posts a longer life.


Answered 26th Mar 2019

Hi Andy,
I agree with Paul that holes for a 100mm post should be at least 200mm wide and around 400mm deep. I would like to add that by applying a layer of DPC around the bottom of the post that will be encased in concrete to prevent the concrete eating into the post and accelerating any rot.


Answered 30th Mar 2019

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