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How do i get a passable formica repair carried out?

We have an excellent Winchmore kitchen which is about 14 years old and we love everything about it, particularly the worktops. They are formica and have an integral upstand at the back thus removing the problems of mastic and water penitration. The formica has been damaged in four or five locations to a very minor degree and I would like to know how I can get a passable repair carried out?

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You don't say what type of finish your worktop has, that said you can offten effect a good repair using a product called 'Colour Fill'. This is quite widely available and durable. It is important to select a good colour match, and buy a small quantity of Colour Fill Solvent to go with it. Simply 'fill' the damaged area or scratch and allow to set (about an hour) if its a deep area apply in layers, then with a clean sheet of kitchen towel, and the solvent, gently wipe the excess away, if you go too far just apply some more and repeat, with a little care you should get very good results.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

On many occasions I have refurbished damaged worktops for customers by routing out a damaged area and then fitting a suitable recessed wall or floor tile. This can of course save the customer a great deal of money when compared to changing the worktops. Suitable tiles also provide a much needed 'pot stand' in certain situations, as well as possible colour coordination with the kitchen. Quality tile grout and heat resistant adhesive is of course a must.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

As "Simon says", Colorfill is the way to go. All I would add is to test the colour of the "Colorfill" on a small discreet area before attempting this process on a more conspicuous area to check the colour match. It would also be worth practicing your filing technique on a piece of scrap material first if you have not tried this before, as it can take some practice to get right. Youtube has a couple of tutorials on this that might help you.

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Answered 18th Feb 2011

Another option if the damage is too much to repair with colorfill is to get a "plastic surgeon", which is a worktop repair specialist. they fill the damaged areas with 2 part epoxy & paint the filled area to match the rest of the worktop. Ive seen them repair chips around 1 inch to the point where they are almost invisible


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

they sell it in b@q and comes with solvent. and you should still have silicon between worktop and upstands. if not the worktop will start to lift and makes lumps.. roy


Answered 17th Feb 2011

There is a company that specialises in this sort of problem called the magic man they will be able to lose any damage to a formica top without trace


Answered 17th Feb 2011

If during the course of our work I always use a specialist company such as Magicman to make any repairs necessary to worktops,sinks or baths.
Obviously we only use this service when we can't sort out our own little problems but sometimes paying a specialist is the best course of action.
Magicman are a nationally based franchise so should be able to google them in your area.


Answered 27th Mar 2011

they sell kits for wood and kitchen worktop repair not cheap tho but may be ur best bet


Answered 8th Mar 2011

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