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Repair / replace wooden door frame and threshold.

We have a wooden door frame which is part of the structure of our porch.
The bottom of the door frame and the threshold are rotten.
We need the frame replaced if possible or a new section scarfed in along with the threshold.

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The cost or replacing the frame or just splicing a new section in a new section of timber would be marginal, so would be better to change the frame.
It will take a little longer but by the sound of the job it would make more sense ,also you could suggest to the trades person who undertakes the work to put a strip of DPC under the sill to prevent any rising moisture from rotting the underside.


Answered 17th Mar 2019

i would suggest a new frame to be fitted, firstly, i would support the porch, with either a Acrow which can be hired from all good hire shops, or supports of 4x4 timber, whatever you use it must be able to take the weight of the roof, then the old frame can be carefully removed and the new one installed, 2 bits of advise is to paint with a good oil based paint all the sections, that will be hidden once fitted and a strip of dpc under the cill section, to stop moisture rising.


Answered 2nd Apr 2019

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