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Hanging heavy cabinet - metal stud plaster wall

Hi, what is the best way to hang a heaving mirrored cabinet onto a metal stud plaster wall?

I have read metal studs used in residential are not suitable for heavy hanging?

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heavy duty plasterboard fixing in each corner of the wall unit would give ample strength to any wall mounted unit.


Answered 17th Mar 2019

Best method is to cut away a section of plasterboard, preferably a little smaller then the size of the unit but must cover 2 or more metal studs, then add a layer of ply over the studs (you may need to cut in timber blocks if the stud is too thin to accept a good screw fixing) then fix the unit to the ply, this is known as A pattress (not to be confused with an electrical pattress). if you use a 12mm ply it will be flush to the wall if its a single skin of plasterboard, I would want to use an 18mm ply if possible for greater strength.
it is possible to install the ply within the studs, but this is tricky and will require cutting a larger section of wall which will have to be made good


Answered 17th Mar 2019

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