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Metal drain cover has broken

Where do I get a new drain cover size is apron 400mm by 250mm

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You can get one at Drain Center, or alternatively you can try plumbcenter.

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Answered 28th Mar 2011

Hi Mark
Your local builders Merchant is your best bet Travis Perkins, Jewsons or Grahams if you have one, good advice is to ring first and ask for a quote they will all give a better price if they know your ringing around ! And be prepared to ask for discount they can come down at least 30% on list if not more !!!
Cheers and all the best Chris Norman.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

Try Wickes, Travis Perkins or any sizeable builder merchants.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

All the good builders merchants should stock what you want.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

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