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I need to replace six non-standard doors...

but buying bespoke doors seems incredibly expensive. Would it make more sense to have the door frame altered to suit a standard door size?

Thanks for answering so quickly - the doors are so differently from modern standards that I would need to trim doors more than the 6mm each side usually quoted. I’m after Victorian four panels, ogee pattern. I can’t find non-bespoke doors that I could cut more off, so my solution is to take off frames, back to opening and then install new frames.

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You can get custom size, Victorian 4 panel doors online for under £200 each (in engineered oak finish). A pine 4-panel door is about £40.
Making a doorframe wider/taller would involve a fair amount of making good to walls, etc. plus new door liners, new architraves. So there is probably another £30-£40 of materials and then the labour charge for the work and that could make the cost of the custom-size door actually work out cheaper than adjusting the door frames or at least a similar price.


Answered 17th Mar 2019

Hi, what size are the door openings now and what type of doors are you looking at having? Some doors can be cut down more than others all depends on what sizes the openings now, if they are a very odd size than replacing the frames is normally not that big of a job if size is not a million miles off and depending what the make up of the walls are. Feel free to get in touch if you need any further information or help. Thanks Chris


Answered 16th Mar 2019

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