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Fitting skirting board

I am about to replace a piece of skirting board, my question is:
I have seen fitting videos where people only use grip adhesive blobbed in three or four places, is that strong enough to hold a 2 metre length of skirting in place. I was going to screw it in place and use a small amount of gorilla adhesive, but to me adhesive alone doesn't seem adequate enough. Once carpet is ready to go down, won't the carpet layer dislodge the skirting when tapping into the skirting?

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It depends a bit on the type of skirting and the walls it is being fixed to.
If it’s quite shallow lightweight mdf skirting on to nice clean straight walls grip full or similar would be fine, however if it tall, pine skirting, which is liable to twist, bow and cup then screw fixings would be preferable, especially if the wall is not completely flat so the skirting board needs pulling in in places.


Answered 15th Mar 2019

A good grab adhesive is perfectly suitable to do this, however to ensure proper contact apply along the entire length of skirting in zig-zag pattern and place against wall. To hold in place whilst the adhesive is curing, tack with oval nails but leave approx 15mm protruding out. Once the adhesive has fully cured, remove nails (taking preventive measures not to mark the skirting - a thin pice of wood should suffice) then fill with normal filler/wood filler (if staining) ready to paint. Any minor gaps at the top of the skirting should be filled with an acrylic caulk to prevent any cracking. You will then achieve a flawless finish with no unsightly indentations where nails/screws have been used.


Answered 15th Mar 2019

My recommendation is Pink Grip from Everbuild. Usually adhesive is being applied in zigzags but even if you will use a blob every couple inch as long skirting/advesive has contact with the wall it will create very solid bond. Pink Grip has instant grab so it doesn't require nails or clamps but it's fully cured after 24h so preferably don't touch it until then.
From manufacturer instructions:
Apply adhesive as above. Immediately press firmly into position to ensure adequate transfer of the adhesive and then pull away to affect the adhesive transfer.
Allow adhesive to dry apart for 5 minutes before pressing finally into position.
Allow to dry for 24 hours before subjecting to traffic.
Tools and excess adhesive can be cleaned using white spirits or turpentine substitute.


Answered 15th Mar 2019

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