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Internal doors

Whats the best way to paint internal doors without getting drip marks everywhere?

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I would recomend hiring a decorator, there is no substitute for experience.


Answered 16th Feb 2012

Hi, if they are moulded doors then dont go to mad on the paint and just check the corners where paint collects, if it starts running just gently dab your brush on the run, if there flush doors id suggest a 4" roller (foam one) and just load the roller and roll it on you will get lines but roll over them gently and they will go, sometimes you will see little bubbles come up but they do go so dont panic, but like others say getting a decorator to do them is advised if you want a good finish and you dont think you can do it.
Oh and dont use a cheap gloss, use quality product for good finishes


Answered 16th Feb 2012

Pay a professional


Answered 17th Feb 2012

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