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Shed/cabin supply and or fitting question

Help! I want to build a shed/cabin in my garden but do i need a carpenter or gardener and if either will do or do i have to buy it first and get a fitter if so which one do I need please
Thank you

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you need to decide wether you are buying a sectional shed/building or having one made,the latter will be far superior but significantly more expensive,either choice you will need to have the site prepared first,ie slabs layed,etc,


Answered 11th Mar 2019

Good afternoon Dollydell,
To put a shed in your garden you don't really need a carpenter or a gardener, what you do need is someone to make a concrete base for your structure and that's not what either of those do. The size and depth of base will depend on the size of shed or cabin. Once this is done a competent handyman should be able to erect the structure. Bear in mind that it may be a two man job depending on the size of panels involved. Although you don't need to buy the shed before hiring someone you do need to know which model you are going to get to enable them to plan properly.

I hope that this helps. Yours Peter


Answered 11th Mar 2019

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