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Mould behind wardrobe

i have a rented flat where if a wardrobe is placed along a wall mould grows and clothes go musty. Tenants complain if they have to move furniture away from walls as bedroom is quite small.. I have put in extra vents in other external walls etc. if i put in a built in wardrobe with insulation in the back and vent holes in the doors would this solve the problem? There isn't room between the houses (victorian) to get down side to put in air bricks on this wall inside wardrobe..

Thankyou Annabelle, I'll give it atry then!

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Dear devongirl, If you are unable to ventilate the area directly or create free air flow by pulling furniture away from the wall then the next step would be to cover the wall in thermal insulation boards to create a 'warm touch' surface where moist air can not condense or lead to mould. We would always suggest you ventilate near to the area (as you say if you put in built in wardrobes) and educate the tenant to use trickle vents on all windows. Of course without seeing the situation we can not be 100%, however the dry lining has worked in similar situations for us.
Kindest Regards, Annabelle


Answered 16th Feb 2012

I totally agree with South East Timber & Damp Ltd, i have carried out this type of work many times with the use of thermal boards and seems to work!! Also air flow is important. Regards Dean


Answered 19th Feb 2012

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