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Fitting skirting boards.

What’s best to fix skirting boards to new plaster. Glue or screw ???

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Different walls require different fixings, some drilled, plugged and screwed some glued and pined, mol dead skirting should also be scribed mitred in the internal corners. Also all walls should be clean and flat at bottom of all walls to allow skirting to lay flat on walls, this will enable the corners to be mitred correctly.


Answered 8th Mar 2019

The response to the question depends on many different factors...the type of skirting, what it’s made from, mdf, pine or hardwood...the surface to be fixed too, Stone, plasterboard, timber or a modern composite...
The competent tradesperson would normally make an assessment of these factors and choose a suitable solution...
External corners are always mitred, internal corners are always butt n scribed to prevent gaps forming with expansion and contraction...
Modern mdf would normally be glued and pinned
Pine should be screwed and pelleted, likewise so should hardwoods...the pellets will then be cleaned back flush providing a smooth surface


Answered 8th Mar 2019

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