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I'm trying to get our canopy porch rebuilt as it's falling down and struggling with timber gallow brackets. The weight of tiles and other timber is going to be say 120kgs and I'm not sure whether I should get a builder to build the gallows or buy them in (I can't actually find any that are suitable yet).

The issue I have is how would a builder know the gallows are strong enough to support 120kgs? I'm guessing this is a skilled job building gallow brackets and a general builder might struggle somewhat?

The job is quite tricky to do as it's a mixture of carpentry and roofing so struggling to get the right man (or lady) for the job.

Any advice, experience or ideas welcome!


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I build these and as I'm a bench joiner as well as a carpenter I'll tell you properly,forget the builder they will try get away with anything.Get them made at a joinery shop with a good rep,ask for the top piece of wood I've the one go under the canopy to be left longer as it to go into the wall not chopped off as builders do for quickness.This gets cut out of the brickwork ie half a brick and the wood replaces it so when bolted to the wall it counter acts the weight like a seesaw and distributes it through the brickwork.Dont listen to the idiots saying just bolt it on the wall.


Answered 30th Mar 2019

Hi dave,
the builder you employ to do the job should know on what size gallow bracket he or she will need,
the other option instead of fitting gallow brackets to the canopy porch you can put post up at the front to support the canopy porch


Answered 3rd Mar 2019

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