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I wanted built in storage/wardrobes. I had guys here for a week and the job isn’t what I expected. They returning tomorrow to put on doors and rails but with a hanger it isn’t wide enough?. I need advice before they return

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Tell them the issues before they do anymore work. It’s not too much to expect a wardrobe to take a hanger


Answered 3rd Mar 2019

Normally the minimum depth required for hanging space is 50cm. For more spacious hanging you want about 60cm depth.
Occasionally, due to the space constraints in a room, you have to use shallower depth cupboards. There are pull out hanging rails that go front to back and even hangers that you can put on a side to side hanging rail which allows clothes to hang front to back.
The first answer is correct though - if you have asked them to build a wardrobe with hanging space, unless there is restricted depth, they should have built the cupboards with enough depth.


Answered 3rd Mar 2019

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