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Is it necessary to put up lining paper prior to wallpapering a painted wall?the wall is not a smooth finish neither uneven.

The wallpaper providor recommends lining horizontally first.

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It is always best practice to cross line walls with 1200 grade lining paper before hanging wallpaper but not always necessary, you must fill any holes and cracks sand, clan down & size. If you take out the leaflet that coms with the wallpaper it should say if it is necssary to line ! hope that helps good luck Kevin G


Answered 28th Mar 2011

All hang lining paper opposite way to the final wallpaper.


Answered 28th Mar 2011

I would advise cross lining with 1200gauge for best results,it is always better to fill
and flat down first .However read the hanging instructions first some papers do not require a liner


Answered 28th Mar 2011

I reccomend cross lining with lining paper especially if your going to be hanging your wallpaper onto shiny paints such as silk or sheen as the lining paper helps prevent shrinkage and movement and gives a good surface for the finish paper to adhere to. Make sure to fill any holes and deep cracks prior to lining.
Hope this helps ;o)


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

if the walls not smooth you need to sand it down before you do any thing lining paper will only hide a certain amount of imperfections so its best to get some good prep work in first


Answered 27th Mar 2011

Hi There,
It is not always necessary to line the walls prior to hanging the wallpaper,But you will get a much better finish on the final product if you do crossline the walls first.
Also if the paper your hanging requires a ready mixed tub paste to hang it you will benefit from having the lining paper on making it easier to strip it off when the time comes.
Hope this helps.

James Cantlon


Answered 29th Mar 2011

Fully agree with previous comment, prep is a must to have your wall as smooth as possible as lining paper won’t cover everything, cross line then paper for best results


Answered 8th Jan 2020

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