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I am removing tiles in our kitchen, will i need to 're-skim' the wall ready for panting?

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Yes.Even if the tiles come off easily,what you will be left with will hardly be suitable for a paint finish.Its very unusual for tiles and adhesive to come off and leave a good,clean surface that only requires a bit of prep.

Answered 14th Feb 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Take the tiles off and the answer you require will be right there before your eyes

Answered 14th Feb 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

depends on how the tiles have come off ,if you are lucky all of the old tile residue may have come off without damage to the plaster,if not best re plaster for good results on tiling.

Answered 14th Feb 2012

hugh strain

Member since 16 Jan 2012

Yes you will need to have the walls re skimmed to give a perfect surface for painting.

Answered 14th Feb 2012


Member since 7 Feb 2012

Unfortunately you probably will have to have your walls re plastered . The grout used to stick tiles has a habit of pulling off the top coat of plaster . And also it's very hard to get all the grout off without damaging the top coat . You end up with scrape marks on the wall . Not a problem though a good coat of pva and a re skim. Hope this helps

Answered 15th Feb 2012


Member since 9 Feb 2012

yes normally adhesive on tiles will bring off existing plaster and leave very rough surface.

Answered 14th Feb 2012

hawtree plastering/artex

Member since 25 Mar 2011

It depends, when removing the tiles is does any plaster come off with the tiles.If so then it is probably better to have it plastered.If not and tiles come off with realitive ease then you could get away with filling and sanding any bits that need it. Keep in mind when not replasterd it may look smooth when unpainted but when you paint it the light will show up all the flaws in the plaster work.
I hope this helps

Answered 15th Feb 2012

Scope Renovations

Member since 3 Oct 2008

Depends how they come off and the state of the wall. You need a flat level surface to tile on to get the best results.

Answered 14th Feb 2012


Member since 8 Sep 2011

depends on how many dogs come out lol no it depends on how it looks but more than likely

Answered 14th Feb 2012

awoods plastering services

Member since 18 Jan 2012

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