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Can veneered door frames be cut?

Hi, I've been told I have non standard door frames.

Most places only do a larger width and thickness, however can this be cut down to the sizes I need?

Door size W 29.75" H 77.5"

Door frame inner W 30.125" H 78.5"

Door frame outer W 33.75" H 80"

Frame depth 1.75"

Frame width 3.25"

2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpenters & Joiners

you should be able to take 8 to 10 mm off all round door,but take off equal amounts to keep the look of the door balanced,when cutting across the grain use a making guage and score with Stanley knife to prevent lifting and damaging the vaneer,trim using circular saw with fine teeth and use a straight edge,use electric planer for the sides, you may need three hinges depending on the weight of your new doors


Answered 28th Feb 2019

Use a plunge saw will eliminate any need to score the door or cut with a knife. Leaves a good clean cut


Answered 28th Feb 2019

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