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Stair sinking - new build house

The second step on our stairs has sunk. Some of the other steps are also creaking. We live in a new build property so the staircase is only around 5 years old.

What could be causing it? What would need doing to fix it?

Thanks for your help.

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First call should be to the builder or Nhbc if on a large site ,
It sounds like the stair Tred’s are coming lose and my be not glued properly,
If you can access the back of the stairs it’s a quick fix or you my have to remove some plaster board to get access and drive the wooden wadges back in an re glue.


Answered 24th Feb 2019

The home should still be under warranty.

It sounds like the treads have come loose, they will need to be re-glued and the wedges knocked back.


Answered 24th Feb 2019

it can be fixed re-glued the treads wedges knocked back plus put support under the step both side and in the middle for further safety and last longer.
Thanks Azhar


Answered 24th Feb 2019

You should speak to the firm who sold you it as new builds should still be under warranty. It sounds like one of the treads has came loose and needs it's wedges knocked in and re glued with D4 glue. Access to underneath the stairs so you can see the stairs will be required so any plasterboard would need removing and replacing after fix.


Answered 25th Feb 2019

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