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Plugging in tumble drier and washing machine

Hi. I have a single socket on a fused spur (though I don't really understand those terms) which has a washer dryer plugged in. I would like to be able to plug in a washing machine and tumble drier. What is the best solution please? I have seen converters that plug in but do they actually change it to a double socket or are they glorified extension plugs that would still overload? Does it have to be a rewiring job??

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Each appliance should have its own switched fused spur isolation switch,usually connected to the socket ring main,if you have your spur above the appliances and a single socket below,changing the single socket to a double wont work as when both appliances are on together the 13amp fuse in the switch fused spur unit will blow as each appliance needs 13amp which totals 26amp hence the fuse blowing.hope this helps,kind regards


Answered 31st Mar 2019

2 appliances running off of 1 13Amp fused spur? each appliance should have there own fused spur.


Answered 25th Feb 2019

Change the single socket to a double socket


Answered 23rd Feb 2019

As the other guy said. Change it to a double socket.


Answered 24th Feb 2019

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