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Replacing pin door hinges with bearing hinges


I am attempting to change some door hinges on two internal doors in my house which are the current cheap pin hinges with the more expensive bearing hinges.

Reason is the door weighs around 25kg and it's hung with 3 pin hinges and keeps sagging.

These are the hinges which are currently on the doors:

Colour Zinc-Plated
Fire Rated (Yes/No) Non Fire Rated
Fire Rating Not Fire Rated
Fixings Supplied Fixings Not Supplied
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
Pack Size 2
Pieces in Pack/Case 2
Product Length 76 mm
Product Thickness 2 mm
Product Type Steel Loose Pin Hinges
Product Width 29 mm (double this for the total width, they don't advertise this as default..)

I bought these hinges which was the closest size I could find:

Material Stainless steel
Width (mm) 51mm
Length (mm) 76mm
Thickness (mm) 2mm
Pack quantity 2
Durability Medium duty
Location Internal
Fixings supplied Fixings supplied

The width of these is slightly shorter so the holes don't line up and there's a gap in the old hinge cut out on both the door and jam of a few mm as the new hinge is shorter.

How can I fix this so it looks neat and professional?

Any advice appreciated!

2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpenters & Joiners

I wouldn't bother about it. Your door will have more holes in a place where hinge is and it will become even worth than it was. I would advice to install these hinges in a different places, than it will be more solid. But you will need to fill your frame and door with wood filler, sand it and repaint.


Answered 21st Feb 2019

fill in your old screw holes with little wooden plugs glued and lightly tap in,leave pround and cut/snap off flush with recess,start afresh with your new hinges,you will proberbly find you will have to chop them in a little deeper due to the bearing hinges being thicker,if you have a modern frame that will not take the extra weight,your best bet is to remove the archatrive carefully, and glue some ply packings behind to the frame side behind the hinge positions about 6" long to take longer screws,i had to do this for fire doors throughout the health service, it works and worth the effort to cure sagging doors


Answered 21st Feb 2019

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