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Can I convert a double garage detached into a annex and also add a conservatory.? The local council have said no to a extension. So I am thinking conservatory instead.

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Good afternoon,

Without the existing plot and address of the property is difficult to give you a proper assessment. The Council should have informed you properly with the reason why you cannot do the extension.

Every project should be looked in detail as there are some restrictions which can apply even for conservatories if you are on a "Designated Land, Green Belt, Conservation Area..."




Answered 19th Feb 2019

All planning areas are different and each application is considered on its merits. You must always get confirmations from Local Authorities, LA in writing ( or email). From my own experience, I had discussed a Client proposal verbally with the LA and was told that the work was OK. I asked the Client to wait until written confirmation we received; he did not wait. The LA then wrote back only to inform us that the works were NOT permitted.
Remove the doubts, get it in writing. Ultimately, you might be OK 'now' but lack of written permissions could either invalidate insurance or worse still, stop you selling your property. Whilst we build in the 'now' we must 'Plan' for the future.


Answered 20th Feb 2019

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