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Adding Plumbing for Washing Machine & Fridge

Anonymous user 18 February 2019 - 10.39 AM

I've recently purchased a property with a galley kitchen and utility room (in-line with each other, separated by a wall). Currently the owners have the washing machine in the kitchen, however I'd prefer to shift this out into the utility room. The boiler is in the utility room and there's a toilet and sink off this space too so I'd hope there's pipes nearby? I'd also like to have a plumbed-in American style fridge/freezer in the room which would be on the opposite wall to the boiler/washing machine. Is this sort of thing usually a simple enough job?

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Guest Bathrooms Co Ltd
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Hi Berrya_15 As you already have a cold mains in, or in close vicinity to where you want the washer and the fridge it should not be a problem. The only issue may be if you have units in the utility room that could be in the way for the pipes but that's not a huge issue it can just be slightly awkward to work around but not impossible. You can use the waste pipe from the sink for the washing machine it may just need a mcalpine tee connecting to it so the waste from the washing machine can be connected.


18 February 2019