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Replace balustrade and handrails

Is it possible to replace tatty old balustrades with new oak ones without fundamentally replacing the whole staircase?

We have a staircase that goes into the lounge, it's not the nicest and now that we have nice oak doors it doesn't match with anything.

I thought I would ask it here instead of getting people out to quote and find out it is not an option.



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Hi there
Stairs and balustrades are one of my most frequent jobs. I’ve done loads of them..
Short answer is yes you can replace all components whilst leaving the treads/risers and stringers alone.. effectively all the rest is for use of handrail ; so newels, spindles ,handrail and base rail can all be replaced ,, however depending on the shape size and layout of the stairs can make this very tricky at times ,but can still be done,, just effects overall cost of the project :: sounds like you have potential for a stunning centre piece of a staircase:: good luck
Stephen Linden


Answered 17th Feb 2019

Hi Anthony

yes the balustrade can be replaced without removing the old staircase. The newel posts at the top and bottom are the trickiest parts to replace and may require lifting up some floor boards, but once those are in the rest is straight forward.

Kevin Shackleton


Answered 22nd Feb 2019

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