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Hi, I’m moving to a purpose built maisonette and the floors are concrete. Is it possible to fit tongue and groove floorboards so that they look like old distressed floorboards on the concrete, if so how would this be done. I would like to use the cheaper wood boards not laminate or engineered flooring, the effect I want is rustic and not perfect. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sally,

You can fit tongue and groove floorboards to a concrete floor. You can buy a flooring adhesive and just cut in a few rows of flooring at a time. Then pencil off the area remove the boards but remember the order you layed them out. Apply the adhesive then put the floor back on top. Make sure you wedge the first few rows with wedge shaped pieces of wood to stop these rows from moving. This is probably the hardest part to get right to start with. So be very careful as if you get it wrong you will make a terrible mess.
As for rustic boards try ebay for reclaimed floorboards They look rustic plus they are seasoned sections of timber. Which means that they will be hard as possible.
If you buy new, even hardwood it can still dent and funny enough old rustic dents and marks are hard to reproduce on new wood. You could do too little or too much.
One other point is when you get reclaimed floor try to ask where it comes from. I.e. if it was from an old schools toilet example. You don’t want to sand that down afterwards if you know what I mean. Plus buy yourself some descent dust masks.

Hope this is of use to you and good luck.



Answered 17th Feb 2019

Yes you can and it would be just like laying a laminate floor. But use a good underlay so it does not feel to cold under foot.


Answered 17th Feb 2019

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