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I want to split a bedroom into 2 and was thinking about a partition wall would this work and would b

Hi I want to split a bedroom into 2 with a partition wall would this work plz and would they need separate windows and doors

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Hello Tracey

Without seeing a plan of the room its difficult to say for sure but there will need to be adequate space for the new and existing doors to open and a bedroom without a window would be poor quality from a ventilation and general living point of view .

You will also need to think about the electrics such as the existing light , light switch and sockets and a new light and switch for the newly formed proposed bedroom. These all need to considered .


Answered 14th Feb 2019

You can pretty much put a partition wall where ever you like, the trouble you will likely have is that you will have to walk though one room to get to the other.

I am not aware of any building regulations that state that you need to have a window but the room that ends up in the middle of the house will be a bit dark with no natural light


Answered 14th Feb 2019

If you create an additional bedroom at first floor level it must have a window from which you can escape, or be escapable by a protected route through the house which would mean providing fire doors to each habitable room leading to a final exit.
A room should also be provided with background ventilation and purge ventilation of at least 1/20th of the floor area which can be achieved by a window and trickle vent.
When you create an additional room at first floor level you will also need to provide a mains fed interlinked smoke detection system, one installed to ground floor and one on the landing on the first floor.
You will also need to apply for Building Regulations


Answered 14th Feb 2019

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