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What's wrong with my floor

I've got dropped floorboards on one side of a bedroom floor, it's okay in the corners but bowed in the middle section that meets the outside wall. What is this lightly to be?

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Hi is the bedroom 1st floor or ground floor, also what age of building, would just need a bit more info.


Answered 14th Feb 2019

Hi Liz,
Agree with above, more info required to get down to it but its best for the floorboards to be taken up an have a proper look to see the cause better. In most cases its just sagging on older homes but could also be down to rot, careless notching or even too much weight on the floor at one point in time. I had a bathroom fit a couple years ago that sagged really bad, the building itself was a 200 year old ale house and not only was there a massive concrete slab in the floor from an old central fireplace weighing down the ceiling below but it was also use to store casks of ale which I imagine weighed a fair few few tons stacked up.
In my opinion I would get the floorboards up and go from there. Advice and quote to remedy the problem from a Carpenter wouldn't go a miss, usually free and they find the problem for you when they come to visit.
Kind Regards


Answered 22nd Oct 2019

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