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Birds in soffits and roof - how much of a problem and who can deal with it?

We have birds nesting in our soffits, and by the sounds of it they're able to reach other parts of the roof. We've recently heard a bit of a scary story involving one of our neighbours having a similar issue, and the birds apparently removed a lot of the felt from the roof and they're now at risk of having a leaky roof and a huge expense to sort the problem out. I don't have the full scoop on the story so I don't know how much of it is true. We know how they got in our soffits - a lot of them are missing plugs, and we don't want to just block them in and let them die. I have a few questions:

-How much of a risk really is it to have birds in the soffits? I'm aware they do need to be removed, but is there really a risk of them causing permanent expensive damage? Has anyone had experience of seeing serious roof damage caused by birds?

-If there is a risk of damage, how would we assess how much damage has been done and who would we need to call in order to do this? Would this be an expensive job involving removing large parts of the roof or soffits, or is it more simple? I'm thinking cameras on sticks, access to the attic etc.

-Who would be able to assess how far the birds have got? We don't think they've got in all the soffits, so think we could just plug some of them up. Who can work this out? Would this be for a roofer, pest controller or ecologist?

-Finally, and a bit out of scope maybe for this forum, but does anyone know of any cheap and easy way of getting rid of them? I've read about ultrasound repellants and playing bird distress calls.

I am aware of the legal restrictions on disturbing and killing birds, and I don't particularly want to kill them anyway.

Any help or advice greatfully received!

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The birds will eventually move on there will still be a hole where they got in but part from that there wouldn’t be a big problem


Answered 13th Feb 2019

You would need to contact a roofer to plug/repair the holes in the soffit boards. I personally ( and most guys I work with) wouldn't mind handling and removing the birds. But then again we're not all mucho men, some of us are occasionally squeemish!
The holes wouldn't be a big job neither expensive unless you needed scaffolding which could boost the price up significantly at times.
Good luck!


Answered 16th May 2020

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