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Painting untreated wood

I will be replacing the garage back door. Just buying a standard external wood door from b&q and its untreated. I will be painting it black. It says its ready to paint. Do I need to apply wood primer first? Also how many coats required to make it weather proof?

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I would recommend 3 coats of paint, one primer and two finish coat.
Most brands will recommend a primer, some specialist paints may not. As long as you use a good quality exterior grade paint and follow the instructions specified by that supplier you'll be fine.


Answered 11th Feb 2019

To follow on to James comment which i agree with, its also worth adding a coat of KNOT block paint to the knots in the wood work these are circle like and normally darker, the knot block stop yellow staining caused by the knots in the wood. YOU only paint the Knot not the hole door by the way then prime and paint


Answered 12th Feb 2019

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