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Should i engage a builder before planning or after?

I'm just about to submit a planning application and have funding in place already for the work I want to be done. I don't have construction drawings yet but conscious I want the most time efficient process, should I engage builders now or do I need to have planning approved and have construction drawings to 'book in' the job?

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Hi, speaking with builders/tradesman now will certainly give you cost ideas and just as impotent a feel for anybody you are possibly looking to engage when ready.
Any experienced and knowledgeable builder's would be able to offer quite good cost options based on your planning drawings (if you have) with little re working once your full Building Control/Construction Drawings have been issued.
Dependant on the size of the project I'm sure there will be a few additions, submissions and revisions before you get going so I would advise you start you builder search now.


Answered 10th Feb 2019

You should always get planning passed first. however if you have no idea on costs it could be a good idea to quick ask a builder and estimate of the cost to do what you plan to apply for


Answered 14th Feb 2019

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