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Is the water company responsible for all external stopcocks? both on the roadside and on your land

We recently fitting a new kitchen so turned the internal stop cock off, but when we turned it back on it would not open fully. When we looked at trying to replace this internal stopcock we found out that the external one located in the back garden was broken and can not be closed. There is a further stopcock on the main road which turns off the water for us and a further five houses, so we can turn the water off there to do the work.

When I spoke to the water company, they said they where only responsible for that external stopcock on the road, and will not touch the one in the garden. Is this true? I have been told by a friend that said there were changes in the bylaws last year making them responsible, although the water companies are not advertising this. I'm unsure if this is true, Can anyone advise me?

Many thanks, Lou

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No, their responsibility is only with everything from your boundary pavement/highway! Everything on your land inside your boundary is your responsibility. My advice if you are having problems or leaks is phone new supplies of your water company and get a lead replacement application on the go, and replace your pipe work inside your boundary and they will do a connection with new stop cock in road for free, under lead replacement! You simply need a plumber who's done this before, trench, new 25mm poly into house, new stop cock inside house. No more problems and increased flow rate ltrs/min... this will depend on your garden and your budget. If this isn't practical, a good plumbs can freeze either side and make a decent repair with a new stop cock inside your boundary. Either way post the job and we're all out here to help


Answered 13th Feb 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Member since 4 Jan 2012

The water undertaker is responsible to their main isolating stop cock usually out in the pavement or driveway, then the meter is theirs if you have one. After that it it your responsibility. I have one customer with 1100m of leaking rotten iron water pipe from the meter to the house, all his reponsibilty to replace.
The change to water companies was to do with ownership of sewers and there connecting pipes not water supply pipes.

Answered 13th Feb 2012

Blake Ecotec Ltd

Member since 8 Feb 2009

as far as i am aware you are responsible if its on your property/land they are responsible for the roadside

Answered 12th Feb 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Unfortunately your friend is right.It all changed last year, you are responsible for all water feeds & waste pipes from the highway path to your home, the authorities are responsible for supplies until in comes on to your property, hope this helps ?

Answered 12th Feb 2012

MKH Building Solutions

Member since 1 Feb 2012

You are responsible for all water pipes from the boundary of your property. The water board are responsible for all water pipes up to the boundary of your property.

Good luck, Alex

Answered 13th Feb 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

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