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Our ceiling leaks when ever we take a bath. we thought it would stop once we replaced it with new suite as the old one was more than 30 years old. what is causing the leak?

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If it only leakswhen you have a bath, it will probably be the waste fitting. Have you noticed it start leaking as soon as you get in bath? If so it will probably be the fitting that connects to the bath, but as you've had that replaced i would expect it will be from the waste pipe, probably under the floor :( pop off bath panel to do visual examination. If the bath has to come out to find leak it will be cheaper to remove some of the cieling downstairs. Possibly the plaster cieling will be damaged anyway by the leak. As long as the room size isn't too big you will be able to getthe cieling re patched for around £100 if you re paint it yourself. Big advantage to this, you'l be able to have bath and watch where it comes from. Hope this helps Regards Jez

Answered 27th Mar 2011

Fendex SW

Member since 29 Jan 2009

Hi there, everything the guys have said is correct, check the bath waste connection, the lower seal should have been siliconed to the bottom of the bath, the fibre glass is often rough under the bath and may be 1 source. I guess there is an overflow also, check that the water is not escaping at the joint where the overflow meets the waste. Then check the actual bath trap itself, it can leak at the 'o' ring seal onto the waste of the bath or it may not be fitted flush (often happens when fitted poorly) Some traps have inspection ports, tighten and check those the seal may not be seated correctly. Then check the actual waste pipe away from the trap, is it push fit? a pipe slid into a fitting with an 'o' ring or solvent weld? a pipe cement glued in place. A simple process of elimination should find the cause, if it was substandard fitting get back to your installer or a reputable tradesman. check out Regards Mark

Answered 27th Mar 2011

Pro Finishing Services

Member since 12 Jan 2010

probably the waste pipe or the silicone round the bath may have become worn and come away from wall meaning the water could be running down the walls and through the ceiling

Answered 27th Mar 2011

King of Herts Construction

Member since 6 Nov 2008

If it leaks everytime you empty the water out of the bath then I would imagine that the problem is with the bath waste or adjoining pipe work. If you have a had a new bath suite fitted recently you would of hoped that the Bathroom Fitter / Plumber had checked these whilst installing.

If I was you, I would stop using the bath until you have fixed the problem.

Answered 27th Mar 2011

Pure Building and Plumbing

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It could be many things that could cause a leak. Did you just replace the bathroom suite or did you change all the pipework too?.

If you left all the original pipework in place (which by the way includes the waste pipes 40mm for bath and shower waste & 110mm for the Wc and copper pipes, then i would assume that the leak is on there.

If you replaced all the the above all the way to the soil stack then it could be something else that is leaking, probably radiator pipes (that's if you have central heating!, do you have a towel radiator in the bathroom?)

If you have more info could probably pin this down!

Answered 27th Mar 2011

S.Banks Plumbing, Heating & Eco Energies Ltd

Member since 14 Jul 2009

hi, it is a leak on the waste pipe from your bath, the new bathroom suite has probably been connected up but the old waste pipe not replaced and every time you use the bath it leaks. If it was a leak on one of the hot and cold service pipes it would leak even when the bath is not in use.


Answered 27th Mar 2011

arrowsmiths building services

Member since 17 May 2008

sounds like your problem is with the waste pipe,take the bath panel off and after your next bath check the waste pipe when you empty the bath,hope this helps Terry.

Answered 27th Mar 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

hi it could be a waste pipe if it wasnt replaced when the suite was changed and if it only leaks when you let the water out then waste pipe needs checking. hope this helps. adrian

Answered 27th Mar 2011


Member since 28 Jun 2008

its a loose waste fiiting.....

Answered 27th Mar 2011


Member since 23 Nov 2010

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