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I am thinking of replacing the radiators in my living room, which were installed in 1993 when my flat was built. The radiator is currently horizontal underneat my double window. I am thinking of replacing it with a vertical radiator. The existing pipework runs into the concrete floor (i am on the top floor of a 3 story block of flats).

How easy/difficult would it be to move the existing pipework? And any idea of the potential cost of fitting the new vertical radiator?


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If you don't mind adjusting the pipe work on the surface it shouldn't be difficult, however if you want the pipes aligned with the new vertical radiator the it will require more work as you will have to dig up where ever the pipes are burried in. And if it's just surface mounted pipe alterations can range from £60 to £85 depending on the rates of that engineer.


Answered 4th Feb 2019

Hello, this is always a problem with pipework in concrete flooring as it requires chasing for the pipework. If you do have someone chase and burry the pipework make sure its protected with what we call Denzo tape as this stops the acidity from the limestone in the concrete eating through the copper.

Alternatively surface run pipework is cheaper option.

The best vertical radiators you can get are from a company called Stelrad they are quality radiators with accurate heat outputs.

Hope this helps and good luck!

David proprietor of
Bromley & Local Installations


Answered 4th Feb 2019

chances are if purpose built in the 90s although you have concrete floors the top 70mm finish will be a screed coat which is basically sand/cement which is relatively easy to chase out, this is what they usually lay the pipes in, on more select developments the pipes were laid in ducting boxes in the screed coat.


Answered 6th Feb 2019

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