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Door size advice

I have a old door which measurement is 6,8 x2,6 approx

What door would you recommend i use

The standard 6,6 x 2,6 with a peice of wood at the bottom


Buy a 6,8 x2,8 door and trim it down

2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpenters & Joiners

if you decide to buy a 6ft 8" door you can only trim down to size if it is a solid door and take equal amounts off the top and bottom assuming it will be a panelled door otherwise you be cutting into the hollow sections and will weaken the door considerably,so would be inclined to glue and plant on extra timber to the bottom of a 6ft 6"x 2ft 6" door,use external glue if it is an outside door


Answered 3rd Feb 2019

Hello Abraarhussain, I'm pretty sure Howdens sell a 6'8" x 2'6" moulded door. Check it out at


Answered 3rd Feb 2019

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