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Recommended minimum internal door width?

I am in need of bespoke internal doors throughout the house. However the bathroom I would like the door width to be small as possible. The reason for this is because I do not want to walk into my vanity unit. what is the minimum door width I can get away with? Where I can still walk in and out comfortably? In mm please? The height is 1820mm .

Appreciate the help.

Thank you

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You would be best to go for no less than a standard 2'3" or 686mm door taking into consideration you may want to change the bath,basin or toilet at a later date and you might need that amount of space to remove them. Building regulations are occasionally set aside for listed buildings and on occasions where the integrity of the building may be compromised.


Answered 7th Feb 2019

Hi A minimum door width of 750 is only applicable if you have an existing w.c on the main entrance level, so in a standard 2 storey house, this would be the ground floor and you cannot make it any worse. If you are referring to a bathroom situated on the 1st floor, then there is no minimum requirement. As previously stated, you may be better off not going any slimmer than 686mm just for ease to move appliances in the future.


Answered 7th Feb 2019

Hi the minimum door width is 750mm anything below this will not stand in the building regulations thanks DP Joinery


Answered 29th Jan 2019

Hi, DP Joinery is spot on. The minimum clear opening face on is 750mm as per building regulations


Answered 31st Jan 2019

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