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Replacing internal doors - dimensions and quality

Hi all,
I'm looking to replace the internal doors in my 2nd floor new build flat. The doors of my flat are all 44mm thick apart from two cupboard doors which for some reason are 54mm thick. They don't appear to be fire-rated doors as there is no fire rating information on them but I cannot be sure.

My question's are:
- is there a way to find out if a door is a fire door?
- can I replace internal doors with standard thickness (35mm?) internal doors in accordance with fire guidance for uk flats? Or do I need to by 44mm (30min) fire doors?
- If I fit a 44 or 35mm thick door in a frame which has a 54mm - can the frame be easily adjusted to fit the new thickness?


2 Answers from MyBuilder Carpenters & Joiners

You can usually tell if it’s a fire door by it’s weight, and if it has a black strip running down the middle of it. You can replace the doors with standard thickness, however this depends on the buildings specs as some new build kitchen doors HAVE to be fire doors. Hope this helps.


Answered 28th Jan 2019

If it was to be a fire door you find in a new build that it would have a CONCEALED DOOR CLOSER this would be just above or below the center hinge


Answered 13th Feb 2019

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